Back Propagation Algorithm Based Controller for Autonomous Wind-DG Microgrid - 2016


This paper takes under consideration wind-DG hybrid configuration with a voltage source converter (VSC) as a voltage and frequency controller (VFC). Wind AC power generated by permanent magnet brushless DC generator (PMBLDC) is rectified into DC power, and most power is captured using most power point technique (MPPT) using a boost converter with incremental conductance (INC) approach. This power is stored into battery system (BS) and surplus is provided to the buyer loads. BS is connected at DC link of VSC that provides load leveling during less or no wind conditions. Diesel engine driven squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) is feeding masses and VSC at point of common coupling (PCC) to support the system when wind generation is unable to fulfill out load demand. Back propagation feed forward (BPFF) management scheme is employed for VF control of VSC. This controller provides harmonics elimination, load leveling and reactive power compensation and conjointly regulates the voltage at PCC. Microgrid is modeled with MATLAB Sim power tools and simulation results are made to verify the acceptable operating of each the converters and the general system.

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