Autonomous PV-Array Excited Wind-Driven Induction Generator for off grid Application in India - 2016


Isolated renewable energy systems that are based totally on renewable resources but are at the same time reliable are necessary for meeting the power demands of distant places where utility grid isn't out there and for that hybrid wind-solar systems play an important role. During this paper, a simplified control scheme has been presented for a standalone hybrid photovoltaic (PV) array-excited wind-driven induction generator (IG), considering a three-phase variable load with or while not unbalance. The proposed theme exploits the ruggedness and value-effective IG as a viable alternative for an expensive permanent magnet synchronous generator, that is invariably used in standalone small wind turbines. Any standalone system employs a battery, but, the system is supposed to deliver power even within the absence of battery and the batteryless mode of operation is presented during this paper. The control theme has been validated with simulation furthermore hardware results. Extensive field tests have been performed using 2.four-kW PV panels, two.2-kW wind turbine emulators, and weather stations for performance analysis. The validation results have been presented, that show that the proposed scheme is predicted to be an attractive answer for remote application where utility grid is either not possible or not economical.

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