Not All VANET Broadcasts Are the Same: Context-Aware Class Based Broadcast - 2018


A major building block of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) is broadcasting: the employment of wireless Communication for sharing info among vehicles, or between the vehicles and infrastructure. Dozens of broadcast protocols are developed in recent years, together with protocols for one-hop broadcasting of vehicle standing information (beaconing) and for geocasting-primarily based applications. However, most of those protocols were designed for one application and cannot co-exist, nor can one broadcast answer meet the demands of all applications. These observations motivated our effort to develop a holistic network layer for VANETs. We determine the requirement for making VANET broadcast context-aware, and for supporting four completely different categories of broadcast protocols, each with its own properties. These categories aren't only in a position to co-exist on the same network layer, but additionally to enhance each other's functionality. Therefore, giant applications furthermore additional holistic Transport protocols can be designed by combining two or more broadcast categories. We have a tendency to discuss the precise characteristics of those categories and design candidate protocols for every category.

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