A Single-stage Single-phase Isolated AC-DC Converter based on LLC Resonant Unit and T-type Three-level Unit for Battery Charging Applications - 2016


This paper proposes a four-switch single-section single-stage isolated AC-DC converter with high efficiency for battery charging applications. By combining one LLC resonant unit and one T-sort 3-level unit with switch multiplexing technique, one-stage single-phase isolated LLC resonant (SSPLLC) converter is proposed to achieve AC-DC conversion. In comparison with conventional 2-stage isolated AC-DC topologies, the proposed topology works in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) with little inductor demand. It will improve both efficiency and power density as a result of of sentimental-switching capability and wide operating vary. The mode analysis, steady-state operation performance and management method are mentioned sequentially. Experimental results using a 250W prototype are presented to verify the feasibility and superior performance of the proposed single-stage AC-DC converter.

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