An Open End Winding Motor Approach to mitigate the phase voltage distortion on Multi-Level Inverters - 2017


An open-finish winding machine configuration and a suitable control strategy for medium-voltage ac motor drives applications are proposed in this paper so as to reduce the distortion of phase voltages in multilevel inverters (MLIs). Differently than commonplace open-end winding configurations, where two inverters offer active power to both sides of the stator winding, a main MLI supplies in this case the machine on one side, whereas an auxiliary two-level inverter acts as active power filter on the opposite aspect. A high efficiency step modulation manages the MLI, whereas the auxiliary unit is pulse width modulation (PWM) operated. As the phase current harmonic content is improved, the torque ripple is reduced and therefore the drive potency is increased. By exploiting the proposed approach, the apparent switching frequency of the system is that typical of a PWM inverter, although the most unit is operated consistent with a voltage step modulation strategy. Simulation and experimental results ensure the consistency of the proposed methodology.

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