Research of Varying Frequency Driving Scheme for Asynchronous Induction Coil Launcher - 2017


There are few of transient management models are tailored to asynchronous induction coil launcher (AICL) with air core coil. Therefore, several papers about AICL were written with the goal of increasing muzzle velocity of projectile. This paper think about how to regulate the projectile speed and thrust accurately by using improved current filament (CF) method and variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) theme. The improved CF methodology contains mathematical model of 3-part inverter based on switch function, as well as standard two level converter and cascaded multilevel converter models. The full launch process is programmed with MATLAB. Simulation results show that this scheme have a smoother thrust fluctuation on projectile than other driving models. The motor parameters are changing with the temperature and frequency in launching process. Hence, the constant voltage frequency ratio (V/f) during this paper is a lot of easy and reliable than vector management. To verify the management model and simulation results, a 9 stages coil launcher prototype is made. The measured force and muzzle velocity are essentially consistent with simulation results. It is proved that the improved CF technique and VVVF strategy is possible, and it's characterized by its small calculating amount that make it a valuable tool for design of AICL. The simple and glorious control of the thrust during launch method avoids load peaks, that suggests that that the payload is handled more fastidiously compared to the classical launchers.

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