Implementing Low Power Consumption in Standby Mode in the Case of Power Supplies with Power Factor Correction - 2017


This work analyzes completely different choices to implement low power consumption in Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPSs) with Power Issue Correction (PFC) once they are in standby mode. The normal SMPSs for power levels on top of one hundred W are created from 2 stages: a classical PFC stage primarily based on a boost Converter operating in the continual Conduction Mode and a second stage primarily based on any sort of isolated DC-DC converter. The value of the resistive sensors needed by the PFC control stage determines a standby consumption higher than 0.five W if the power offer has to be designed to control within the Universal Vary of line voltages. This fact makes it terribly tough to befits European Ecodesign Regulations. To overcome this downside, several solutions are proposed and analyzed in this paper, the foremost promising being implemented during a real SMPS prototype.

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