Variable Inductor Based Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles - 2017


This paper presents the feasibility study of variable inductor (VI)-based mostly bidirectional dc-dc converter for applications with a wide selection of load variations such as electric vehicles. An additional winding is introduced to the traditional power inductor to inject a management current for adjusting the permeability of magnetic cores. This has significant deserves in controlling the current ripple and enhancing the present handling capability of power inductors, thereby reducing the dimensions of magnetic components and improving the performance. For current values, twice and three times the rated current, the current ripple is reduced by forty.ninety % and thirty six.ten %, respectively. Nonetheless, this device requires a exactly controlled dc-current. As such, a little current controlled, low-power and low-value buck converter is made to power up the auxiliary winding. To improve the reliability and robustness of the VI, an integrated closed loop control that allows the control of the most converter and the auxiliary converter is also implemented and tested in real time to test the viability of the VI.

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