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A Series-Parallel Current-Driven Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter - 2015

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A Series-Parallel Current-Driven Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter - 2015


This paper presents a novel series-parallel current-driven (SPCD) full-bridge dc/dc converter, that is ready to method and deliver power efficiently over a wide selection of load variations. In order to guarantee reliable operation of high-frequency dc/dc converters, the converter ought to be able to sustain soft switching for a wide range of operating conditions. The SPCD full-bridge converter, proposed during this paper, is in a position to supply soft switching for the input power semiconductors and swish commutations for the output diodes. Conjointly, the actual structure of the proposed converter eliminates the necessity for extra auxiliary circuits to produce reactive current for soft switching at light masses. The proposed topology will absolutely eliminate voltage spikes across the output diodes by providing sleek and lossless commutations for the output diodes. Thus, the proposed converter can be an economical and reliable resolution for variety of applications with a high switching frequency and a high output voltage. The SPCD full-bridge converter has the ability to integrate all magnetic elements into an integrated transformer in order to realize a high power density. The integrated transformer is thoroughly analyzed using ANSYS high-frequency structure simulator. Simulation and experimental results make sure the superior performance of the proposed SPCD full-bridge dc/dc converter.

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A Series-Parallel Current-Driven Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter - 2015 - 4.7 out of 5 based on 68 votes

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