User Assignment in C-RAN Systems: Algorithms and Bounds - 2018


In this Project, we investigate the problem of mitigating interference between therefore-known as antenna domains of a cloud radio access network (C-RAN). In contrast to previous work, we flip to an approach utilizing primarily the optimal assignment of users to central processors during a C-RAN deployment. We tend to formulate this user assignment drawback as an integer optimization downside and propose an iterative algorithm for getting a solution. Motivated by the shortage of optimality guarantees on such solutions, we have a tendency to opt to seek out lower bounds on the matter and also the resulting interference leakage within the network. We tend to therefore derive the corresponding Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition, formulate the dual problem, and show that the former offers a tighter sure than the latter. We highlight the actual fact that the bounds in question carries with it linear issues with an exponential range of variables and adapt the column generation method for solving them. Along with shedding light on the tightness of the bounds in question, our numerical results show vital add-rate gains over several comparison schemes. Moreover, the proposed scheme delivers similar performance as weighted minimum mean squared-error (MMSE) with a significantly lower complexity (around 10 times less).

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