Transmission Optimization for Hybrid Half/Full-Duplex Relay With Energy Harvesting - 2018


In this Project, the transmission optimization of a twin-hop decode-and-forward relaying system is investigated, where the relay capable of energy harvesting from ambient surroundings can work in hybrid half-duplex (HD) and/or full-duplex (FD) mode. To maximise the throughput from supply to destination, the relay's working mode is optimized below the constraint of random energy arrival. In explicit, upon the provision of channel state data (CSI), 2 cases are sequentially studied: one is that CSI is unavailable to the transmitter and the other suggests that CSI is available to the transmitter. In the former case, a dynamic programming (DP) algorithm is proposed to seek out the optimal operating mode of the relay; moreover, to scale back the computational complexity, a linear programming (LP)-based mostly heuristic algorithm is developed, which performs the same as the DP algorithm. Within the latter case, the optimal mode of the relay is also obtainable by the DP algorithm and an approximate DP algorithm is any developed for lower computational complexity. Simulation results demonstrate that the hybrid mode outperforms pure HD and FD modes as long as self-interference is efficiently suppressed.

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