Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Using Coalitional Games - 2018


Heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs) with millimeter wave (mm-wave) Communications included are emerging as a promising candidate for the fifth generation mobile network. With highly directional antenna arrays, mm-wave links are in a position to produce many Gbps transmission rate. However, mm-wave links are easily blocked while not line of sight. On the opposite hand, device to device (D2D) Communications are proposed to support many content-primarily based applications and want to share resources with users in HCNs to enhance spectral reuse and enhance system capability. Consequently, an efficient resource allocation scheme for D2D pairs among both mm-wave and therefore the cellular carrier band is required. In this Project, we first formulate the problem of the resource allocation among mm-wave and therefore the cellular band for multiple D2D pairs from the view purpose of game theory. Then, with the characteristics of cellular and mm-wave Communications thought-about, we tend to propose a coalition formation game to maximize the system add rate in statistical average sense. We additionally theoretically prove that our proposed game converges to a Nash-stable equilibrium and any reaches the near-optimal answer with fast convergence rate. Through intensive simulations beneath varied system parameters, we have a tendency to demonstrate the superior performance of our theme in terms of the system total rate compared with many different practical schemes.

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