On MIMO Linear Physical-Layer Network Coding: Full-Rate Full-Diversity Design and Optimization - 2018


This Project considers a multiuser Communication network, where a receiver is set to compute functions of the messages from K users. All user nodes and therefore the receiver are equipped with multi-antenna. We have a tendency to propose a area-time (ST) coded multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) linear physical-layer network coding (LPNC) theme that promises full-rate and full-diversity, whereas achieving the most coding gain of LPNC. In the proposed framework, the users' messages are encoded by the identical linear dispersion ST code and transmitted simultaneously. The receiver exploits the MIMO LPNC mapping in reconstructing an arbitrary variety of linearly network-coded (NC) messages. We derive the NC generator matrix that leads to the greatest coding gain and minimized error chance at the receiver. On high of that, we have a tendency to analytically show that the proposed ST coded LPNC scheme guarantees the total-diversity and full-rate transmission. The proposed technique applies to a big selection of network configurations. Two case studies on: (1) MIMO two-method relay network and (2) MIMO multiple-access relay network are presented in this Project. For each case studies, numerical results are shown to demonstrate the performance improvement of the proposed scheme over typical schemes by more than four dB, while the total-rate and full-diversity behaviors are consistent with our analysis.

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