Coverage Analysis and Load Balancing in HetNets With Millimeter Wave Multi-RAT Small Cells - 2018


We characterize a two tier heterogeneous network, consisting of classical sub-6 GHz macro cells, and multi radio access technology (RAT) little cells ready to work in sub-6 GHz and millimeter-wave (mm-wave) bands. For optimizing coverage and to balance masses, we propose a 2-step mechanism primarily based on two biases for tuning the tier and RAT choice, where the sub-6 GHz band is used to speed-up the initial access procedure within the mm-wave RAT. Initial, we investigate the effect of the biases in terms of signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) distribution, cell load, and user throughput. A lot of specifically, we tend to obtain the optimal biases that maximize either the SINR coverage or the user downlink throughput. Then, we have a tendency to characterize the cell load using the mean cell approach and derive higher bounds on the overloading probabilities. Finally, for a given traffic density, we have a tendency to give the tiny cell density needed to satisfy system constraints in terms of overloading and outage probabilities. Our analysis highlights the importance of deploying twin-band little cells, in specific, when tiny cells are sparsely deployed or in case of significant traffic.

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