Cooperative Sweep Coverage Problem with Mobile Sensors


In a wide variety of applications, such as data collection, sensing coverage, and the control of devices, sweep coverage plays an important role. In this paper, we address the issue of cooperative sweep coverage using multiple mobile sensors with the goal of periodically covering all points of interest (PoIs) within the surveillance region. The cooperative sweep coverage (CSC) problem is distinct from traditional sweep coverage scenarios in that it enables the simultaneous deployment of multiple sensors along the same trajectory in order to further shorten the sweep period or the detection delay. Due to the limited storage capacity and power supply, we also take into consideration the multi-sink sweep coverage (MSSC) problem. In this scenario, each mobile sensor is required to periodically transmit the data it has collected to a base station. As a result, we propose two constant-factor approximations, which we will refer to as CoCycle and SinkCycle, in order to reduce the maximum sweep period for these two problems. It has been demonstrated that the ratios of approximation for CoCycle and SinkCycle are, respectively, 4 and 6. SinkCycle is the first approximation we are aware of that solves the sweep coverage problem when there are multiple sinks, as far as we can tell. A helpful insight is provided regarding the MSSC problem when there is only one sink available. In addition to this, we provide two optimal algorithms for the CSC problem when it is only one dimensional. In the end, we validate the usefulness and effectiveness of our designs by carrying out a number of different numerical experiments.

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