Channel Estimation for TDD/FDD Massive MIMO Systems With Channel Covariance Computing - 2018


In this Project, we have a tendency to propose a new channel estimation scheme for TDD/FDD large MIMO systems by reconstructing (typically also called covariance computing or covariance fitting) uplink/downlink channel covariance matrices (CCMs) with the aid of array Signal Processing techniques. Specifically, the angle parameters and power angular spectrum (PAS) of channel are extracted from the instantaneous uplink channel state info (CSI). Then, the uplink CCM is reconstructed and can be used to enhance the uplink channel estimation while not any additional coaching cost. By virtue of angle reciprocity with PAS reciprocity between uplink and downlink channels, the downlink CCM might also be inferred with a similar approach even for the FDD large MIMO systems. Then, the downlink instantaneous CSI will be obtained by coaching toward the dominant eigen-directions of every user. The proposed strategy is applicable to various PAS distributions. Numerical results are provided to demonstrate the prevalence of the proposed ways over the present ones.

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