A 2-D FFT-Based Transceiver Architecture for OAM-OFDM Systems With UCA Antennas - 2018


Radio orbital angular momentum (OAM) provides another perspective of spatial multiplexing to improve the spectrum efficiency. But, multipath induces severe intraand interchannel crosstalk. To resolve the problem in an exceedingly uniform circular array (UCA)-primarily based OAM system, we tend to initial incorporate the effect of sign changing of OAM reflection in modeling the multipath OAM channel. Then, we have a tendency to propose a transceiver architecture for broadband OAM orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) wireless Communication systems, that uses baseband digital 2-D quick Fourier transform (FFT) instead of existing radio frequency analog part shifters to generate and receive the OAM-OFDM signal, so reducing energy consumption and hardware cost. At last, a versatile two-D FFT algorithm is developed. Analysis and simulation results show that compared with the ancient row-column FFT algorithm, the proposed a pair of-D FFT algorithm might cut back the multiplication complexity by 41MN log2 N, where N and Mare the number of UCA antenna elements and the quantity of subcarriers, respectively.

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