Wireless Energy Harvesting in a Cognitive Relay Network - 2016


Wireless energy harvesting is regarded as a promising energy offer various for energy-constrained wireless networks. In this paper, a new wireless energy harvesting protocol is proposed for an underlay cognitive relay network with multiple primary user (PU) transceivers. In this protocol, the secondary nodes can harvest energy from the first network (PN) while sharing the licensed spectrum of the PN. In order to assess the impact of different system parameters on the proposed network, we first derive an precise expression for the outage chance for the secondary network (SN) subject to a few vital power constraints: one) the utmost transmit power at the secondary supply (SS) and at the secondary relay (SR); a pair of) the height interference power permitted at each PU receiver; and three) the interference power from each PU transmitter to the SR and to the secondary destination (SD). To get practical design insights into the impact of various parameters on successful information transmission of the SN, we derive throughput expressions for both the delay-sensitive and therefore the delay-tolerant transmission modes. We also derive asymptotic closed-type expressions for the outage likelihood and the delay-sensitive throughput and an asymptotic analytical expression for the delay-tolerant throughput as the amount of PU transceivers goes to infinity. The results show that the outage likelihood improves when PU transmitters are located near SS and sufficiently far from SR and SD. Our results also show that when the amount of PU transmitters is massive, the detrimental result of interference from PU transmitters outweighs the advantages of energy harvested from the PU transmitters.

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