Cognitive and Opportunistic Relay for QoS Guarantees in Machine-toMachine Communications - 2016


Deploying spectrum sharing machine-to-machine (M2M) communications with the present wireless networks achieves ubiquitous knowledge transportation among objects and the encompassing atmosphere to profit our standard of living. However, the shortage of schemes to completely characterize M2M network topology, to efficiently share radio resource, and to supply quality-of-service (QoS) guarantee regarding end-to-finish delay creates challenges to practically facilitate M2M communications. Via mathematical derivations, the network connectivity, degree distribution, and average distance are provided for giant M2M networks. To realize reliable communications upon such M2M networks, galvanized by cognitive radio technology and cooperative communications, a cognitive and opportunistic relay (COR) theme is proposed. Specifically, machines with the proposed COR autonomously sense the primary systems' spectrum usage thus as to mitigate detractive interference and adopt opportunistic forwarder selection for lower link delay of packet transmissions. Furthermore, by analytical deriving the effective capability of the COR over connected M2M networks, the throughput under statistical QoS guarantee and also the corresponding delay violation probability are proposed to specify the QoS guarantee capability of the networks and therefore counsel the conditions of dependable end-to-finish transmissions. Simulation results confirm that the proposed COR effectively achieves the delay guarantee performance, to yield a completely unique framework for facilitating reliable M2M communications in massive machine networks.

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