Circular Joint Sink Mobility Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks - 2015


Regarding energy efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), routing protocols are engaged in a playful manner suggesting a consciousness of high value. In this research work, we present Circular Joint Sink Mobility (CJSM) scheme for WSNs. Our proposed scheme increases the stability period, network lifetime and throughput of the WSN. The beauty of our proposed scheme is that it controls the cluster head (CHs) election and selection in such a way that uniform load on CHs is ensured and it measures the distances through which each packet is sent from CHs to sink or Base Station (BS). Two mobile sinks are move in opposite direction, therefore each node or CHs calculates its distance and send data to the nearest one to preserve its energy. Thus, proposed scheme minimizes the overall energy consumption of the network. We implement CJSM scheme, in homogeneous, heterogeneous, reactive and proactive simulation environments. Results justify its applicability.

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