A Meander-Line Circular Polarizer Optimized for Oblique Incidence


This paper presents the planning of a meander-line circular polarizer optimized for oblique incidence and for a direction far from the principal planes ($phi=text0^circ$, $text90^circ$, $text180^circ$, or $text270^circ$). This polarizing screen converts linearly polarized (LP) waves into circularly polarized (CP) waves and vice versa. To illustrate the look method, a 3-layer meander-line circular polarizer is meant for an oblique incidence angle of $(theta=text40^circ, phi=text45^circ)$ and its performance is examined very well over the 18–20 GHz band. Measurements and simulations are in sensible agreement. Moreover, the sensitivity of the results to frequency and incidence angle variations is studied. The results show that the bandwidth of the meander-line circular polarizer is maximum when it is designed for traditional incidence or for an oblique incidence in the 2 principal planes because coupling between orthogonal modes is weaker.

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