A Distributed Fault-Tolerant Topology Control Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks - 2015


This paper introduces a distributed fault-tolerant topology management algorithm, referred to as the Disjoint Path Vector (DPV), for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks composed of a large number of sensor nodes with restricted energy and computing capability and several supernodes with unlimited energy resources. The DPV algorithm addresses the k-degree Anycast Topology Control downside where the main objective is to assign every sensor's transmission range such that each has a minimum of k-vertex-disjoint ways to supernodes and the overall power consumption is minimum. The resulting topologies are tolerant to k-1 node failures in the worst case. We have a tendency to prove the correctness of our approach by showing that topologies generated by DPV are sure to satisfy k-vertex supernode connectivity. Our simulations show that the DPV algorithm achieves up to 4-fold reduction in total transmission power needed within the network and a pair of-fold reduction in maximum transmission power required in a node compared to existing solutions.

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