Congestion Aware Routing in Nonlinear Elastic Optical Networks - 2014


In elastic optical networks, digital coherent transceivers modify their symbol rate, modulation format, and forward error correction to best serve the network demands. In a nonlinear elastic optical network, these parameters are inherently coupled with the routing algorithm. We propose to use congestion aware routing in a nonlinear elastic optical network and demonstrate its efficacy for the NSFNET reference network (14 nodes, 22 links). The network is sequentially loaded with 100 GbE demands until a demand becomes blocked, this procedure being repeated 10000 times to estimate the network blocking probability (NBP). Three routing algorithms are considered: 1) shortest path routing; 2) simple congestion aware algorithm; and 3) weighted congestion aware routing algorithm with 50, 25, 12.5, and 6.25 GHz resolution flexgrids. For NBP = 1% using a 50 GHz grid, congestion aware routing doubles the network capacity compared with the shortest path routing. When congestion aware routing is combined with a 6.25 GHz resolution flexgrid, a fivefold increase in network capacity is afforded.

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