Optimal Control for Generalized Network-Flow Problems - 2018


We have a tendency to take into account the matter of throughput-optimal packet dissemination, within the presence of an arbitrary combine of unicast, broadcast, multicast, and anycast traffic, in an arbitrary wireless network. We have a tendency to propose an online dynamic policy, called Universal Max-Weight (UMW), which solves the matter efficiently. To the simplest of our information, UMW is the primary known throughput-optimal policy of such versatility in the context of generalized network flow problems. Conceptually, the UMW policy comes by relaxing the precedence constraints related to multi-hop routing and then solving a min-value routing and max-weight scheduling downside on a virtual network of queues. When specialized to the unicast setting, the UMW policy yields a throughput-optimal cycle-free routing and link scheduling policy. This is in contrast with the well-known throughput-optimal back-pressure (BP) policy that permits for packet cycling, ensuing in excessive latency. Intensive simulation results show that the proposed UMW policy incurs a substantially smaller delay as compared with the BP policy. The proof of throughput-optimality of the UMW policy combines concepts from the stochastic Lyapunov theory with a sample path argument from adversarial queueing theory and might be of independent theoretical interest.

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