A Non-Monetary Mechanism for Optimal Rate Control Through Efficient Cost Allocation - 2018


This Project proposes a practical non-financial mechanism that induces the efficient answer to the optimal rate management problem, where every client optimizes its request arrival rate to maximize its own internet utility individually, and at the Nash Equilibrium the full web utility of the system is additionally maximized. Existing mechanisms usually rely on monetary exchange that requires additional infrastructure that is not continually accessible. Instead, the proposed mechanism relies on efficient cost allocation, where the cost is in terms of non-financial metric, like average delay or request loss rate. Specifically, we present an economical cost allocation rule for the server to determine the target value of every consumer. We have a tendency to then propose an intelligent policy for the server to regulate the costs of the shoppers to attain the economical allocation. Furthermore, we style a distributed rate management protocol with provable convergence to the Nash Equilibrium of the system. The effectiveness of our mechanism is extensively evaluated via simulations of each delay allocation and loss rate allocation against baseline mechanisms with classic control policies.

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