Reliable Safety Message Dissemination in NLOS Intersections Using TV White Spectrum - 2018


Reliable safety message dissemination is a elementary primitive for constructing intersection safety systems. Normally, the dissemination is predicated on vehicular Communications, of that the de-facto customary is Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC). But, because of high frequency operations, a DSRC signal is seriously attenuated when being propagated in Non Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) conditions. Previous schemes leveraged the employment of centralized infrastructures or relay vehicles enabling a security message to bypass massive obstacles. However, implementing the infrastructures in all intersections would be very pricey; one might not notice proper relay vehicles in low density, and frequent rebroadcasts cause serious network congestion in high density. To address this challenge, we have a tendency to propose a completely unique scheme that exploits wonderful propagation characteristics of a TV White Space (TVWS) band (additionally to a DSRC band) for reliable dissemination in NLOS intersections. To confirm reliable dissemination throughout a broad vary of densities without infrastructures, our theme employs 2 innovative mechanisms: a collaborative procedure and a Dynamic optimal Configuration (DoC). To our information, this can be the first that simultaneously satisfies two very important demands for intersection safety system: one) lacking infrastructures and 2) working well in all densities. Simulation studies show that the proposed scheme outperforms previous infrastructure-based mostly schemes.

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