The SMART Handoff Policy for Millimeter Wave Heterogeneous Cellular Networks - 2018


The millimeter wave (mmWave) radio band is promising for the subsequent-generation heterogeneous cellular networks (HetNets) due to its massive bandwidth available for meeting the increasing demand of mobile traffic. But, the unique propagation characteristics at mmWave band cause huge redundant handoffs in mmWave HetNets that brings significant signaling overhead, low energy efficiency and increased user equipment (UE) outage likelihood if conventional Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) based handoff mechanism is used. In this Project, we tend to propose a reinforcement learning based handoff policy named GOOD to cut back the amount of handoffs while maintaining user Quality of Service (QoS) requirements in mmWave HetNets. In SENSIBLE, we verify handoff trigger conditions by taking into account each mmWave channel characteristics and QoS necessities of UEs. Furthermore, we propose reinforcement-learning based mostly BS selection algorithms for different UE densities. Numerical results show that in typical situations, SMART can considerably cut back the quantity of handoffs when put next with traditional handoff policies without learning.

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