DROPS: Division and Replication of Data in Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security - 2018


Outsourcing information to a third-party administrative management, as is finished in Cloud Computing, provides rise to security issues. The info compromise may occur thanks to attacks by different users and nodes at intervals the cloud. Thus, high security measures are needed to protect information at intervals the cloud. But, the used security strategy should conjointly take into consideration the optimization of the information retrieval time. During this Project, we propose division and replication of information within the cloud for optimal performance and security (DROPS) that collectively approaches the security and performance problems. In the DROPS methodology, we have a tendency to divide a file into fragments, and replicate the fragmented information over the cloud nodes. Each of the nodes stores only one fragment of a specific data file that ensures that even in case of a successful attack, no meaningful data is revealed to the attacker. Moreover, the nodes storing the fragments, are separated with sure distance by means that of graph T-coloring to prohibit an attacker of guessing the locations of the fragments. Furthermore, the DROPS methodology does not depend upon the ancient cryptographic techniques for the info security; thereby relieving the system of computationally expensive methodologies. We have a tendency to show that the likelihood to locate and compromise all of the nodes storing the fragments of a single file is very low. We conjointly compare the performance of the DROPS methodology with ten different schemes. The higher level of security with slight performance overhead was observed.

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