Range Queries on Multi-Attribute Trajectories - 2018


Motivated by the trend of providing comprehensive information about trajectory data, we study multi-attribute trajectories each of that contains a sequence of your time-stamped locations and a collection of characteristic attributes. This enriches the information illustration by providing a comprehensive description of moving objects and so allows new types of queries on moving object trajectories. In this Project, we contemplate answering vary queries that come trajectories (i) containing particular attribute values and (ii) passing a certain area during the query time. We integrate normal trajectories and attributes into one unified framework and propose an index structure likewise because the question algorithm. The structure is general and versatile in terms of handling both multi-attribute trajectories and normal trajectories, answering a vary of queries and supporting update-intensive applications. The evaluation is conducted during a prototype database system and experimental results demonstrate that our technique outperforms different ways by a issue of three-10 on a data set of one million real trajectories and synthetic attribute values.

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