Genetic Improvement of Software: a Comprehensive Survey - 2017


Genetic improvement uses automated search to find improved versions of existing software. We tend to gift a comprehensive survey of this nascent field of research with a concentrate on the core papers in the world printed between 1995 and 2015. We have a tendency to identified core publications together with empirical studies, ninety six% of that use evolutionary algorithms (genetic programming in explicit). Though we will trace the foundations of genetic improvement back to the origins of laptop science itself, our analysis reveals a important upsurge in activity since 2012. Genetic improvement has resulted in dramatic performance enhancements for a diverse set of properties like execution time, energy and memory consumption, as well as results for fixing and extending existing system functionality. Moreover, we have a tendency to gift examples of research work that lies on the boundary between genetic improvement and other areas, such as program transformation, approximate computing, and software repair, with the intention of encouraging more exchange of ideas between researchers in these fields.

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PROJECT TITLE : Lung cancer survival prediction from pathological images and Genetic data - an integration study - 2016 ABSTRACT: In this paper, we tend to have proposed a framework for lung cancer survival prediction by integrating
PROJECT TITLE :Improving Power System Static Security Margins by Means of a Real Coded Genetic AlgorithmABSTRACT:This paper introduces a brand new technique of removing thermal overloads and voltage limits in an electric power
PROJECT TITLE :A Dynamic Multiagent Genetic Algorithm for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction Based on Fuzzy Cognitive MapsABSTRACT:In order to reconstruct giant-scale gene regulatory networks (GRNs) with high accuracy, a robust
PROJECT TITLE :Genetic Optimal Regression of Relevance Vector Machines for Electricity Pricing Signal Forecasting in Smart GridsABSTRACT:Price-directed demand in good grids operating within deregulated electricity markets requires
PROJECT TITLE :Services-Oriented Computing Using the Compact Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Carpool Services ProblemABSTRACT:Carpooling is an effective answer to traffic congestion. It will increase the usage rate of vehicles

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