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Synergy: A Hypervisor Managed Holistic Caching System - 2017

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Synergy: A Hypervisor Managed Holistic Caching System - 2017


Efficient system-wide memory management is a crucial challenge for over-commitment based mostly hosting in virtualized systems. Thanks to the limitation of memory domains thought-about for sharing, current deduplication solutions simply cannot achieve system-wide deduplication. In style memory management techniques like sharing and ballooning enable vital memory usage optimizations individually. However, they do not complement every different and, in fact, might degrade individual benefits when combined. We tend to propose Synergy, a hypervisor managed caching system to enhance memory efficiency in over-commitment situations. Synergy builds on an exclusive caching framework to attain, for the primary time, system-wide memory deduplication. Synergy also allows the co-existence of the mutually agnostic ballooning and sharing techniques within hypervisor managed systems. Finally, Synergy implements a unique file-level eviction policy that forestalls hypervisor caching advantages from being squandered away because of partial cache hits. Synergy’s cache is versatile with configuration knobs for cache sizing and knowledge storage options, and a utility-primarily based cache partitioning scheme. Our evaluation shows that Synergy consistently uses ten% to 75p.c lesser memory by exploiting system-wide deduplication as compared to inclusive caching techniques and achieves application speedup of 2x to 23x. We tend to also demonstrate the capabilities of Synergy to extend VM packing density and support for dynamic reconfiguration of cache partitioning policies.

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