A Systematic Approach Toward Description and Classification of Cybercrime Incidents - 2017


The advancements in laptop systems and networks have created a replacement environment for criminal acts, widely called cybercrime. Cybercrime incidents are occurrences of explicit criminal offences that create a heavy threat to the worldwide economy, safety, and well-being of society. This paper offers a comprehensive understanding of cybercrime incidents and their corresponding offences combining a series of approaches reported in relevant literature. Initially, this paper reviews and identifies the options of cybercrime incidents, their respective parts and proposes a combinatorial incident description schema. The schema provides the chance to systematically combine various components--or cybercrime characteristics. Additionally, a comprehensive list of cybercrime-related offences is put forward. The offences are ordered during a two-level classification system based on specific criteria to assist in higher classification and correlation of their respective incidents. This enables a thorough understanding of the repeating and underlying criminal activities. The proposed system will function a common reference overtaking obstacles deriving from misconceptions for cybercrimes with cross-border activities. The proposed schema can be extended with a list of counseled actions, corresponding measures and effective policies that match with the offence sort and subsequently with a particular incident. This matching can enable higher monitoring, handling and moderate cybercrime incident occurrences. The final objective is to incorporate the schema-based description of cybercrime elements to a whole incident management system with normal operating procedures and protocols.

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