Protecting Your Right Verifiable Attribute-based Keyword Search with Fine-grained Owner-enforced Search Authorization in the Cloud - 2016


Search over encrypted data may be a critically important enabling technique in cloud computing, where encryption-before-outsourcing may be a fundamental answer to protecting user information privacy in the untrusted cloud server atmosphere. Many secure search schemes have been specializing in the single-contributor situation, where the outsourced dataset or the secure searchable index of the dataset are encrypted and managed by a single owner, usually based on symmetric cryptography. In this paper, we tend to specialise in a completely different however a lot of challenging situation where the outsourced dataset can be contributed from multiple homeowners and are searchable by multiple users, i.e., multi-user multi-contributor case. Inspired by attribute-based mostly encryption (ABE), we tend to present the primary attribute-based mostly keyword search theme with efficient user revocation (ABKS-UR) that allows scalable fine-grained (i.e., file-level) search authorization. Our scheme permits multiple owners to encrypt and outsource their knowledge to the cloud server independently. Users can generate their own search capabilities while not relying on an perpetually on-line trusted authority. Fine-grained search authorization is also implemented by the owner-enforced access policy on the index of every file. Further, by incorporating proxy re-encryption and lazy re-encryption techniques, we will be able to delegate heavy system update workload throughout user revocation to the resourceful semi-trusted cloud server. We have a tendency to formalize the protection definition and prove the proposed ABKS-UR theme selectively secure against chosen-keyword attack. To build confidence of data user within the proposed secure search system, we conjointly design a research result verification theme. Finally, performance evaluation shows the potency of our scheme.

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