In this paper, a unique multicast routing protocol particularly Hypercube based mostly Team Multicast Routing Protocol (HTMRP) has been proposed to address the scalability in mobile impromptu networks. In HTMRP team multicasting is proposed where the multicast cluster will not consist of individuals rather, member groups. This mechanism is common in accidental networks to accomplish collective tasks like emergency recovery, battle field where team affinity model exist when the member teams encompasses a common interest. In MANET the link failures because of mobility may be a big concern and is addressed in HTMRP by incorporating a logical hypercube model. The HTMRP conjointly includes a mesh layer on prime of the hypercube for effective fault tolerance. In addition to scalability, HTMRP also guarantee the new QoS necessities specifically high availability and good load balancing by incorporating team, hypercube and mesh tiers. The HTMRP has been simulated and extensively analyzed for scalability, delivery ratio and management overhead. The results show that HTMRP provides higher performance for the above evaluation parameters than the present multicast routing protocol.

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