The goal of knowledge-center networking is to interconnect a giant number of server machines with low equipment price whereas providing high network capacity and high bisection width. It is well understood that this apply where servers are connected by a tree hierarchy of network switches cannot meet these requirements. During this paper, we have a tendency to explore a new server-interconnection structure. We tend to observe that the commodity server machines used in these days's knowledge centers usually come with 2 designed-in Ethernet ports, one for network connection and the opposite left for backup purposes. We believe that if each ports are actively employed in network connections, we have a tendency to will build a scalable, value-effective interconnection structure while not either the expensive higher-level large switches or any additional hardware on servers. We tend to style such a networking structure referred to as FiConn. Although the server node degree is only 2 in this structure, we tend to have proven that FiConn is extremely scalable to encompass lots of thousands of servers with low diameter and high bisection width. We have developed a low-overhead traffic-aware routing mechanism to boost effective link utilization primarily based on dynamic traffic state. We tend to have additionally proposed the way to incrementally deploy FiConn.

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