PROJECT TITLE :Rich Pinch: Perception of Object Movement with Tactile IllusionABSTRACT:Vibrotactile feedback is an efficient and economical approach for enriching interactive feedback. However, its effects are largely restricted
PROJECT TITLE :Head Movement Dynamics during Play and Perturbed Mother-Infant InteractionABSTRACT:We have a tendency to investigated the dynamics of head movement in mothers and infants throughout an age-appropriate, well-validated
PROJECT TITLE :Interactive Visual Discovering of Movement Patterns from Sparsely Sampled Geo-tagged Social Media DataABSTRACT:Social media information with geotags can be used to track individuals's movements in their daily lives.
PROJECT TITLE :Using a Noninvasive Decoding Method to Classify Rhythmic Movement Imaginations of the Arm in Two PlanesABSTRACT:A brain–computer interface (BCI) will help to overcome movement deficits in persons with spinal-cord
PROJECT TITLE : Network Resource Allocation for Users With Multiple Connections Fairness and Stability - 2014 ABSTRACT: This paper studies network resource allocation between users that manage multiple connections, possibly

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