In the field of modern wireless communication, there are mainly some technologies that provide solutions to thewireless data transmission network, such as: GSM, CDMA, 3G, Wi-Fi. These solutions make network work with high efficiency and good quality, but still with high cost. So it was difficulty in popularizing in with low cost andat the circumstance of infrastructureless or infrastructure destruction. According to this situation, in this paper, the key components of the information terminal and the wireless receiving modules on the data collection andwireless transmission network were designed with the principle of transceiver nRF905 and 51 series of single-chip computer as the core hardware, besides, combining with the current technology on the wireless ad hoc networks, a short-range wireless data sampling and transmission network was putting up , which provides a low-powered and high-performance wireless data communication system, works in the ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical ) band. Then, an available solution to the wireless data communications was put forward, and this solution was good at stronger real-time response, higher reliability requirement and smaller data amount. Through software and hardware debugging and actual measuring, this system based on our solution had work well, reached the expected goal and been already successfully applied to wireless vehicle system.

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