This paper is researched and documented so as to be realizable in the form of a practical solution for the impending traffic problem presently observed in cities all over the world in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and few other South East Asian and African countries where due to large population and inadequate infrastructure, road safety enforcement and traffic regulation is very difficult. The paper puts forth a theory which proposes that any given city, town, village can be divided into physical zones which are classified according to different speed ranges. A transmitter is placed at all exit and entry points of the interfaceof any two zones that transmits a message signal at carrier frequency, indicating the upper limit value of the zones' speed range into which the vehicle is entering at that moment, to the receiver which gives the message as an input to a preprogrammed MICROCONTROLLER embedded within the automobile which compares the speedof the vehicle measured by a sensor at the hind wheel transaxle shaft with the zones' maximum allowable speedand automatically regulates the speed of the vehicle by controlling the fuel flow by sending pulse signals to a solenoid valve and thus keeping the speed of the vehicle in constant check. The volume of fuel flow can be varied by varying the ¿duty cycle¿ of the pulse input to the solenoid valve. The entire system is a low costvariable electronic speed governor, small in size and easy to assemble onto an existing vehicle without disturbing its present arrangement.

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