Monitoring sleep state and sending out alarm signal according to the state and the acute disease belong to the area of sleep basic research and prediction of outbreaks of diseases. The system includes: monitoring and analyzing the sleeper pulse's physiological parameters, the embedded computer judge whether or not the sleeper suffers acute disease(heart disease, cerebral haemorrhage, etc). If so, the wrist pulse monitoring device sends the wireless alarm signal. When the bedside wireless receiver receives the alarm, it can send sound or telephonealarm. The sound alarm can explicitly tell nearby accompanists, the telephone sound alarm can give an alarmaccording to the telephone number set in advance, and inform relevant personnel, may also inform the 120 emergency center. At the same time, the bedside wireless remote devices open the door to wait for the arrival of emergency personnel. When acute diseases suddenly break at night, the system can effectively solve the patients emergency treatment, and creates the condition for the patient's prompt treatment.

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