Time and efficiency are matter of priority now. RFID (Radio Frequency identification) emerges as one of the converging technologies. While transportation plays an important role in urbanization, RFID is now key catalyst in signifying the merit of it. RFID plays major role in auto ID applications like RFID contact less smart cards used by bus riders, in Super market, Textiles and logistics chain management. This paper aims to understand the benefits of RFID technology in other countries and to identify possibilities extending it to Indian market. The GlobalSystem for Mobile Communications (GSM) has been a great success in providing both voice and low speed data services. The Enhanced Circuit Switched Data on GSM (ECSD) is one of the major evolutionary steps to serve real time high speed data services. Population explosion is the source of so many issues, one among them istransport. In this paper, we propose a novel method to tackle traffic related issues. Applications such as accident alert, toll gate control, parking slot management, traffic rule violation control are explained in this paper.

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