In this letter, we present a reversible data hiding scheme based on histogram modification. We exploit a binary tree structure to solve the problem of communicating pairs of peak points. Distribution of pixel differences is used to achieve large hiding capacity while keeping the distortion low. We also adopt a histogram shifting technique to prevent overflow and underflow. Performance comparisons with other existing schemes are provided to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed scheme.

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PROJECT TITLE :RNN-DBSCAN: A Density-Based Clustering Algorithm Using Reverse Nearest Neighbor Density Estimates - 2018ABSTRACT:A new density-based clustering algorithm, RNN-DBSCAN, is presented which uses reverse nearest neighbor
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PROJECT TITLE: Reverse Converter Design via Parallel-Prefix Adders Novel Components, Methodology, and Implementations - 2015 ABSTRACT: In this temporary, the implementation of residue number system reverse converters based on

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