An Improved Adaptive P&O Technique for TwoStage Grid Interfaced SPVECS


This work presents an improved perturb and observe with adaptive perturbation size (IAP&O) algorithm for harnessing most power from a double stage solar photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion system (SPVECS) interfaced to a 3 section distribution grid. Among varied MPPT (Maximum Power Point Technique) techniques, the P&O methodology is most widespread technique in industrial and domestic applications as a result of of its simplicity. However, its performance is affected from drift problem and it's increased in fast changes of environmental conditions. During this double stage SPVECS, a VSI (Voltage Supply Inverter) to a 3 section distribution grid is deployed. To guarantee the quality of power as per an IEEE-519 std. on harmonics, it's maintained the facility quality norms in 3 phase distribution feeder network. Thus, to feed the real power to the three phase distribution network and to maintain the sinusoidal grid currents, this system performs well. The Matlab/Simulink is used for simulation purpose and also the performance of proposed system is examined in several environmental things on an experimental prototype, which is established within the laboratory.

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