Time-Reversal Mirror-Virtual Source Array Method for Acoustic Imaging of Proud and Buried Targets


This paper addresses the problem of proud and buried targets detection and localization without the requirement of a quest source (PS) at the target’s location or the need of accurate environmental information. There are 3 novel features in this paper. 1st, although the mix of your time-reversal mirror (TRM) and virtual source array (VSA) method has been applied to remote imaging in previous literature, this paper further analyzes the mode leakage result that causes the failure of some VSA implementations. Based on the analytical result, the effective deploying region for the VSA springs. Second, to coherently concentrate on a buried target, the result of sound refraction through the boundary of the water and sediment layers must be thought-about. The sound speeds of water and sediment layers are taken into account to correct the time-delay steering of the VSA. Since time-reversal processing (TRP) with a PS at the target location provides the simplest performance certain (TRB), we tend to can quantitatively evaluate the performance improvement of our proposed changed TRM-VSA method in comparison with the standard one in keeping with their relationship with the TRB. This paper demonstrates that the performance of the TRM-VSA method with or without the data of refraction at the boundary of various layers will differ considerably. Third, once we have successfully achieved active specializing in proud and buried targets with the modified TRM-VSA method, model-based algorithms such as matched-field processing (MFP) can extract array steering vectors from the active focusing methodology and achieve the task of target detection and localization. Results of simulations and tank experiments are presented as demonstrations of the three novel features of this paper.

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