Uplink Performance of Time-Reversal MRC in Massive MIMO Systems Subject to Phase Noise


Multiuser multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) cellular systems with an more than base station (BS) antennas (Large MIMO) provide unprecedented multiplexing gains and radiated energy potency. Oscillator part noise is introduced within the transmitter and receiver radio frequency chains and severely degrades the performance of Communication systems. We have a tendency to study the effect of oscillator phase noise in frequency-selective Huge MIMO systems with imperfect channel state info. In particular, we think about two distinct operation modes, namely, when the phase noise processes at the M BS antennas are identical (synchronous operation) and after they are independent (nonsynchronous operation) . We tend to analyze a linear and low-complexity time-reversal most-ratio combining reception strategy. For each operation modes, we derive a lower sure on the total-capability, and we compare their performance. Based mostly on the derived achievable sum-rates, we show that with the proposed receive processing, an O(√M) array gain is achievable. Due to the section noise drift, the estimated effective channel becomes progressively outdated. So, part noise effectively limits the length of the interval used for data transmission and the quantity of scheduled users. The derived achievable rates give insights into the optimum choice of the information interval length and the quantity of scheduled users.

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