Twin Synchronous Machines for Short Circuit Testing History


Machine tool producing and steam-engine styles in Europe within the mid-1800s were accelerated in part because of new developments within the producing of steel. Previous to the present, forged and wrought iron dominated the producing processes. In Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1834, Johann Jacob Sulzer-Neuffert established a new iron foundry with the help of his 2 sons, Johann Jacob Sulzer Hirzel and Salomon Sulzer-Sulzer [one]. 2 years later, the sons acquired possession of the business and established its new name, Gebr?der Sulzer in Winterthur (Sulzer Brothers Foundry Winterthur). As well as the foundry business, they became keenly curious about developing steam engines and completed their first steam engine for installation in Winterthur in 1841.

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