Evolutionary Design of Both Topologies and Parameters of a Hybrid Dynamical System


This paper investigates the difficulty of evolutionary style of open-ended plants for hybrid dynamical systems, i.e., each their topologies and parameters. Hybrid bond graphs (HBGs) are used to represent dynamical systems involving both continuous and discrete system dynamics. Genetic programming, with some special mechanisms incorporated, is used as a search tool to explore the open-ended design area of hybrid bond graphs. Combination of those 2 tools, i.e., HBGs and genetic programming, results in an approach referred to as HBGGP that can automatically generate viable style candidates of hybrid dynamical systems that fulfill predefined style specifications. A comprehensive investigation of a case study of DC-DC converter design demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of the HBGGP approach. Important characteristics of the approach also are mentioned, with some future research directions acknowledged.

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