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Computing Minimal Update Sequences for Graceful Router-Wide Reconfigurations

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Computing Minimal Update Sequences for Graceful Router-Wide Reconfigurations


Manageability and high availability are essential properties for IP networks. Unfortunately, with link-state routing protocols commonly employed in such networks, topological changes result in transient forwarding loops inducing service disruption. This reduces the frequency at which operators can adapt their network. Previous works proved that it's possible to avoid disruptions thanks to the planned reconfiguration of a link by progressively changing its weight, leading to a answer that does not need changing protocol specification. In this paper, we tend to study the additional general problem of gracefully modifying the logical state of multiple interfaces of a router, while minimizing the amount of weight updates. Compared to single-link modifications, the router update downside is k-dimensional for a router having k neighbors. We have a tendency to also show that multidimensional updates might trigger new sorts of disruptions that create the problem additional difficult than the only-link case. We have a tendency to then gift and evaluate efficient algorithms that compute minimal sequences of weights enabling disruption-free router reconfigurations. Based mostly on analysis of real IP network topologies, we have a tendency to show that each the scale of such sequences and the computing time taken by our algorithms are limited.

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Computing Minimal Update Sequences for Graceful Router-Wide Reconfigurations - 4.7 out of 5 based on 94 votes

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