A High-Throughput Automated Microinjection System for Human Cells With Small Size


This paper presents the event of an automated microinjection system with high productivity for tiny cells. Compared with several existing microinjection systems that are primarily designed for relatively massive-scaled biological samples, the reported technology can enable an automated injection into the cells with a diameter smaller than twenty five μm, that is the standard size of the many human cells. Microfluidic technology has been used to design a vacuum-based mostly cell-holding device for immobilizing cells. The cell holder employs tons of standard-formed channels, and every channel is occupied by one cell. The vision-based mostly position-tracking method is employed to recognize and position the target cells automatically, in which the cell position is measured by edge template-matching methodology, and a bright field image is employed to simplify the popularity process. A three-DOF microrobotic system mounted with a micropipette is employed to conduct cell injection task with the speed of 35 cells/min and also the precision of zero.two μm. Injection experiments on human foreskin fibroblast and human embryonic stem cell-derived ventricular cardiomyocyte were performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the developed system. Additional than a thousand cells were injected with fluorescent markers. Experimental results showed that the developed injection system exhibits high productivity and accuracy, and leads to a good cell survival rate once injection.

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