Enabling performance intelligence for application adaptation in the Future Internet


Today's Internet which provides Communication channels with best-effort end-to-end performance is rapidly evolving into an autonomic global computing platform. Achieving autonomicity in the Future Internet will require a performance architecture that (a) allows users to request and own 'slices' of geographically-distributed host and network resources, (b) measures and monitors end-to-end host and network status, (c) enables analysis of the measurements within expert systems, and (d) provides performance intelligence in a timely manner for application adaptations to improve performance and scalability. We de- scribe the requirements and design of one such "Future Internet performance architecture" (FIPA), and present our reference implementation of FIPA called 'OnTimeMeasure.' OnTimeMeasure comprises of several measurement-related services that can interact with each other and with existing measurement frameworks to enable performance intelligence. We also explain our OnTimeMea- sure deployment in the global environment for network innovations (GENI) infrastructure collaborative research initiative to build a sliceable Future Internet. Further, we present an application- adaptation case study in GENI that uses OnTimeMeasure-enabled performance intelligence in the context of dynamic resource allocation within thin-client based virtual desktop clouds. We show how a virtual desktop cloud provider in the Future Internet can use the performance intelligence to increase cloud scalability, while simultaneously delivering satisfactory user quality-of-experience.

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