Elimination of Filter Inductor in Switching Cell AC–AC Converters Using Magnetic Integration


The switching cell (SC) direct pulse width modulation ac-ac converters have many blessings; in particular, they are doing not experience commutation problems, are not vulnerable to reverse-recovery losses of body diode of switching devices, manufacture output waveforms of excellent quality, are more immune to EMI noise, and have smaller input/output current ripples. The magnetic parts of the SC ac-ac converters encompass coupled inductors and a filter inductor. This paper proposes an integrated inductor which integrates all magnetic parts of the SC ac-ac converters into one magnetic assembly. The leakage inductance of the proposed integrated inductor is utilized to eliminate the filter inductor in buck, boost, and buck-boost-kind SC ac-ac converters. The proposed integrated inductor improves the facility density and reduces price and losses because it requires fewer magnetic cores, coils, and soldering connections. The proposed integrated inductor is particularly suitable for prime-current applications as a result of it can avoid the magnetic core saturation caused by current, and can eliminate the air gap within the core. The proposed integrated inductor can understand high leakage inductance; thus, the input and output current ripples can be reduced significantly. To verify the proposed integrated inductor, a two.3-kW prototype inductor was built and tested.

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